Taniya Sarkar

Broken Hallelujah

“Fighting for my existence and writing songs, I am just a baffled king of Leonard Cohen, who composed ‘Hallelujah’ after falling the minor chord and lifting the major,” says Bibhubrata, a Bengali singer-songwriter from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. After the devastating COVID lockdowns, the daily struggle to survive, the desolate future, and the fear of losing close relationships, everyone has felt loss. Standing beside Bibhubrata and listening to him compose his songs is a reminder of life’s ineffable emptiness, and how one's journey is also a soliloquy with a vast void, provoking the question of how many roads a person should travel to arrive home. By peering into the window of this musician and artist grappling with his mental health at a time of a global crisis, Broken Hallelujah ponders life in a post-COVID world.